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Yes. I know I haven't been all that great about updating on lj. Still. I use my account sporadically and very selfishly to get more READING MATERIAL! which I am always in desperate need of. I am waiting for HP to come out, but in the meantime... I GRADUATED, and am looking forward to college... :)
I have a new obsession... STARGATE ATLANTIS! Well, I watched Stargate Sg-1 as a kid, then fell out of it when we moved, and then fell back in and now I can see the hilarious freedom available in atlantis! Go, the three hotties of that fandom, go! (By which I mean Beckett (McGillion), Sheppard (Flanigan), and McKay (Hewlett).)

Later, I will totally, totally put up recs or something. But... later.

The Blogalyser reveals...

Your blog/web page text has an overall readability index of 11.
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TOTALLY TRUE... well, mostly. :) apparently, I write/talk like a guy...? heh.

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Draco Malfoy gets a job at Wal-Mart with help from the Mirror of Erised
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom


Hey. Figure, just in case someone who's my secret santa-nin for the naruto wishlist isn't sure what i like, i decided to post a post. :)
Hmmm... I like to read a lot, but right now I'm focusing on Harry/Draco from Harry Potter. But the other authors I read for Naruto are jbmcdragon and maldoror_gw. They are just great, and you can find them on my friends. :)
For art, I have my deviantart favorites. My deviantart account is: http://futago02.deviantart.com/favourites/

I really love realistic art. But it doesn't have to be. I just love many details, or these details that make me smile. It's awesome. Curves are really nice! :)

so, that's about it. :) good luck, santa-nin!

kimiessu's quiz!
What do the Naruto characters think of you? (::gurls plz::) by itachiFanatic
Your name plz
Your favorite color
Naruto imaginednothing.
Sasuke screamedwhen you dumped him for Shikamaru
Sakura hatesthat you aren't friends.
Gaara wantsyou
Kakashi hopesyour boyfriend dumps you.
Itachi thinksyou're hotter than hell.
Neji thinksyou're a weak-minded fool. (bummer)
Shikamaru was surprised whenyou slapped him in the face.
Kabuto thoughtyou were a guy.
Orochimaru thinksyou should wear a bikini.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This is so funny. :) So. Funny. And I have to thank kimiessu for it. :)
I used my real name for that one.

And then I tried it again, using my lj name. And it came up just as funny. :)

What do the Naruto characters think of you? (::gurls plz::) by itachiFanatic
Your name plz
Your favorite color
Naruto imaginednothing.
Sasuke screamedwhen you dumped him.
Sakura hatesyou you and you.
Gaara wantsto fight you.
Kakashi hopesyou like him.
Itachi thinksyou're like every other fangirl
Neji thinksyou're hotter than hell
Shikamaru was surprised whenyou stuck a knife in sasuke's gut.
Kabuto thoughtyou ate a bug.
Orochimaru thinksyou're retarded
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Another day, more homework.
Well, I though I should just update, since I've been anti-social recently. I know I'll be busy for the next month, because I have three AP exams to take. I'm hoping to do well on US History and Language and Composition, but Chemistry is absolutely hopeless. :(
I'm hoping to get into a college summer class at University of Hawaii, some of it during school time... Japanese! :) I just need to hope everything goes ok.
And I'll be in Japan for a week in June! YES! :) Well... those are my plans.

Recently... I've been dosing (probably overdosing) myself with fiction. I've been reading much of Harry Potter fanfiction (slash of course, and only the best!). I've also been reading some very excellent original fiction, and one which is actually gen. I'm shocked that I actually read it and loved it. I almost never go for gen anymore nowadays. It's just slash, slash, slash. :)
But I just read an original fic someone recced on a site, and oh. my. god. It was very badly written. A nice, interesting story, but horribly written. I was shaking my monitor, whispering, "Why did you rec that story, why? WHY?"
Some people need help. (Me? Why, no, I'm not crazy. What? Talking to computers? That's not crazy. I'm caring for the well being of other's sanity.)

And on a side note, my brother is so loveable, but mental, and my twin is just driving me nuts. And on another side note, Precalculus is giving me a hard time, which is unusual because it's usually very easy for me. :(
Religion is a bitch.

I have also found out that people elsewhere think that Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movie is beautiful, but people in Hawaii think she's ugly. I really want to know why that's so. But it annoys me that the actor is Vietnamese. Cho Chang is a Chinese name. And I'm pretty sure Cho isn't even a real Chinese name. It's a Korean last name. ??? JKR is confusing me.
I want to point out that in the 5th movie, the Death Eaters look like KKK with black hoods. *snort*

I'm being killed in the workload of homework.

Ha, bloody ha.
You scored as Sasuke. You?re Sasuke, the angsty popular kid.
Good-looking, cool and smart ? you?re admired by many. However, you don?t care about people that much. You have one ambition, one goal in your life, and when it comes to that, people are just on your way. Try to give up the hatred you might feel because of your past and learn to show your caring side.














Rock Lee








Which Naruto ninja are you most like?
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great. i didn't expect sasuke. i thought it'd be more iruka. i'm happy i'm like shikamaru and kakashi, though... :)

Pics, yay....
I'm on a roll... :) well, in honor of King Kong I drew Adrian Brody, but he turned out funky... :( it's ok, though...
Can be Seen Here...Collapse )

I also did FINAL FANTASY!!!! Well, FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN... :) I think i did pretty good. I did Cloud and Reno. I really like the shading of my Cloud, but didn't quite know what to do for the hair. Reno, I was too lazy for the hair, but it's ok. And his goggle are fucked... :)

Cloud and RenoCollapse )

Gender Bender...
Past few days I've been in this gender bender haze. Specifically Bleach, although I might do others later. So, I drew people from Bleach as the opposite gender. Let me warn you, I did this quickly and with a black pen, so it ain't that pretty... :) but ok enough.

Bending TimeCollapse )
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Sai as Geisha
My gift to naruto_stalker, Sai as a Geisha. I hope it's okay. It's in pencil, and Sai looks like a girl. :)

GeishaCollapse )

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and yes, a lot of fanart. i must be out of my mind... :)
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Sasuke in Sai's Outfit... My Version
Hey, this is my first post. I've decided to do the Sasuke in Sai's Outfit thing... :)

To the SasukeCollapse )

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Merry Xmas!
Merry Christmas. I just wanted to share my love of Isshin with this Isshin and Ichigo fanart. :)

Isshin and Ichigo on New YearsCollapse )
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GO NEW YEARS!!! 2006!
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