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Original Fic Recs
After a long absence, I am back into LJ and fandom. Meanwhile, I've been reading loads and loads of original fics. So here's a long list of really (and I mean REALLY) good original fics.

Frank-in-Love and more of such supernatural ficcage by aggybird
Frank-in-Love is about two supernatural monsters falling in love. It is adorable and deserves much applause. More of her fics are here.

Captive Prince by freece
Captive Prince is currently a WIP, but it is a very interesting original fic about two princes--one dark and one light. One prince is captured and enslaved by his half-brother and ends up as a slave to the neighboring enemy kingdom's prince. And that prince doesn't know who he has as a slave. They both are fighting to survive their relatives attempts at murder, more intrigue, brothels, sex, and of course, each other. With and without the sex. Hot, and they haven't even gotten together yet. It is very lovely. Go read.

Undesirable by Velvet Mace
Undesirable is a fic about vampires. Please don't run away. It's nothing at all like Twilight, okay? One man, George, lives in a world where vampires have taken over the world and have labeled everyone as different flavors of food. He is mistakenly labeled as black, an undesirable, when he really is white, the most delicious of all colors. And he leads every major vampire on a human blood hunt to find him. It's exciting and the ending is nothing like you expect. Excellent read. Finished.

Shadow of the Templar by M. Chandler
Shadow of the Templar is a 4 part series, finished, and fuses American (well duh) FBI agent with smart pants and suave British art thief. And the rest of the agent's team. It is full of guns, cars, thieving, and general awesomeness. I love this story to bits and will love it until the end of the world. Granted, sometimes there are moments... the American can't let go of his manly masculinity and of course, the Brit is more open to 'gay' sensibilities. But they fuse so well they blow me away. Although I don't really watch it, the USA show "White Collar" almost seems to draw from this very story....

Well, that's all I have for now. Don't worry, I have lots more. :)

Also, jet_griffins read the ones you haven't read yet!

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...dude, I have so much stuff to do already. Ew.

You shall read them. Eventually :)

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