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Yay for Old Trek!
Fanatical as I am about the new Star Trek, I decided to take a look at the old Star Trek, specifically Kirk and Spock in The Original Series. And once I got past the screeching music and the not-so-great-background that I am unused to in this new and shiny age, I am actually kinda loving it. :) I'm sad my friends, who've actually seen old trek, never told me the slashiness of it all. But I found an excellent post in the community kirkspock, found here, that explained the loveliness of the old trek, and how completely slashy they were. I can hardly believe it myself... the universe is made of fanfic. :D
So... these are just my thoughts on the episodes I've watched so far under the cut.

Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't seen TOS!

I'm taking the order of these episodes from this Trek Nation Episode List.

The Cage S1 E01
Captain Pike and his crew encounter a planet where the aliens kidnap him so that they can mate him and put him in a zoo-like enclosure, just so they can study him for his amusement. The adventure continues as he tries to get out. He gets to leave because apparently humans will kill themselves even in confinement and are thus too violent to be kept. The woman star stays with the aliens since she's disfigured and can live a happy life there, no matter how fake it is.
So this is the episode with Captain Pike and the damn GREEN WOMAN that ST is so famous for. But it was interesting, and although Pike sure is a tired Captain for one so young, he never loses his cool. He's offered three women to procreate with, and he focuses on HATE-ing and getting the hell out before anything else. That woman who was disfigured is sure pretty though. And her eyes SPARKLED. Is that just how some eyes are or did they put something in their eyes back in the 60s?
Anyway, this episode is likeable for a second in command who's a woman! Although there IS judging of their characteristics I felt a jolt of feminist pride for a woman in charge. Besides that, the aliens were just eugh with their overlarge floppy brains. And their laser was just... god, it cracked me up.

Where No Man Has Gone Before S1 E02
Captain Kirk and his crew hit this weird mass which makes those with high esp ratings develop psychic abilities and god-like powers. He has to fight it out with his friend from the Academy, and kills him with the help of another esp developing woman.
First ep with Kirk! I admit, he doesn't freak me out as much as the Priceline Negotiator dude. He's much more likeable then. And Kirk and Spock's relationship is just... :D. Spock is concerned. Kirk goes to be a hero. His shirt rips (which also cracked me up). Then there's the introduction of the rest of the crew, besides Chekov! Sulu and Scotty and McCoy and Uhura. And Yeoman Janice.
But let me tell you... that esp god power dude creeps me the fuck out. I don't know how they do it, but the eyes just GET ME. Nothing creepier than old tv and freaky eyes.

The Carbomite Maneuver S1 E03
Cpt. Kirk and the crew encounter a race that seems technologically advanced but hostile. They are told they have ten minutes til destruction until Kirk bluffs and says they have a material called carbomite which will react by destroying whatever destroys them. The aliens relent, and it turns out to be this freaky looking baby creature that also wants to be friends. The new Helmsman offers to be an ambassador to the alien and have adventures together. They leave him there, and good riddance. :)
I liked this episode, or the first part at least, because of Kirk and Spock's bitchiness to that one Helmsman, which was admittedly deserved. Sulu seems to be some cross between Botany scientist, Helmsman, and fencer (but the fencer part comes later). And Kirk and Spock talk about poker and chess. I love. :) I also like this ep because it really shows that Kirk is THE CAPTAIN, in full, and he expects the best from his crew in the bridge, which he demonstrates by telling that one over cocky Helmsman off. And eventually they get rid of the Helmsman (which is getting to be a habit, like the DADA teachers in Harry Potter).
Again, the alien freaked me out.

Mudds Women S1 E04
Now THIS seemed very err... stereotypical of women and men. Kirk and the crew get a smuggler, Mudd, and his cargo, which are three striking, beautiful women (although the brunette didn't do much for me). By capturing Mudd, they also damaged their fuel crystals or whatever, so they have to go to a nearby mining planet to resupply. They charge Mudd for his crimes, but he is still up to no good. He is giving the women this Venus drug, which enhances the beauty of their gender and makes them more beautiful and younger, and he's trying to sell them off to men who haven't seen women for a while. So he offers them to the three miners on the planet. Kirk has to trade the girls for the crystals and on the way, they discover that what makes them beautiful is themselves. And a lot of confidence.
Mudd is EW and the miners seem like that also... interested in pretty ornamental things, not actual women. It changes slightly in the end, but only that. And in this ep, as well as the next couple ones, the Helsman is UGH. Really.
What I absolutely adore is how... unsexual Spock acts in this episode. He's not included when the computer reports that all the men's respiration and heart rates are up. So... hm. intertext!!!

The Enemy Within S1 E05
Well this episode was intriguing because Kirk gets split into two: his aggressive side and his intellectual, non-decisive side. The crew has to run around finding the right one, and also save Sulu and the men down on the below twenty degrees planet. And the transporter is broken, which is how the problem started in the first place. I have no idea how the ship functions without Spock, really. Kirk pulls through after some animalistic yelling and an almost rape of his Yeoman, which she was really good at resisting. I admit, his bad side was quite amusing to watch. And Spock was identified as the person who knew Kirk the best! :D
But on Yeoman Janice... she really is a great character. I mean, it's obvious she likes Kirk, but she doesn't really act on it, and she's quite snarky. Which is also awesome.

The Man Trap S1 E06
I'm not too fond of this episode, but it's awesome in the way it displays Kirk and Bones's friendship. :) They are awesome friends. So Kirk and the crew go to this planet where McCoy's old girlfriend and her professor husband have been researching for five years. They go so they can do a routine checkup on their health. What they find is this alien, the last of its kind, who has killed the ex girlfriend and taken her place, and goes onboard the ship in search of salt. It needs plenty salt. But for some reason, it simply never ASKS. So in the end, it gets killed for it, by poor McCoy who believed for the longest time it was his old gal. And it even kills the professor. Ugh. Needless killing once more.

The Naked Time S1 E07
This has been one of the slashiest ep, according to the K/S manifesto, and I can see why. It definitely reads like fanfic. This stupid ass guy has to like, take off his hazmat suit and SNIFF his hand, for godssakes, and this transmits the virus/disease to him, which he takes aboard the ship. He gets all depressed and antisocial and dies. But he passes to the Helmsmen: this Irish dude called O'Riley and Sulu. And this is what I love: hilariousness ensues. They get crazy on the bridge. Well, Sulu takes off to go fencing, and dashes around the corridors challenging people to duels half naked. It's cute. O'Riley, on the other hand, wins at everything. I LOVE HIM. He's happy and thinks he's king of the world. He eventually gets down to engineering and gets control of EVERYTHING, including engines and communication. He locks himself in and addresses the crew... he's captain O'Riley and he's giving everyone ice cream and declaring a dance and then he sings a song, over, and over, and over, and over. He is the best thing EVER.
They pass it on the various people, which includes Nurse Chapel, who in declaring her undying love for Spock, gives him the virus. It's adorable and he has to hide himself in a briefing room, crying until Kirk finds him. And because it's an emergency and they'll all die, Kirk doesn't have the time to listen. Spock tries to tell him about how he couldn't tell his human mother he loved her, and then he tries to tell Kirk he is ashamed of feeling their friendship. Kirk slaps him both times, then it's like a slap fest. Kirk does all the slapping til Spock whaps him one. Then Kirk gets all dreamy over loving a GIRL. UGH. Spock doesn't even need the cure that McCoy's discovered, though, cuz he seems to get over himself once Kirk goes het on him. =.=;
They fix everything and all is GOOD. :) I love this episode to bits.

Charlie X S1 E08
This episode really gave me the creeps. It's this adolescent KID, for godssakes, and he comes on board after being alone since he was three or something. But they didn't know he ran away from his protectors, this race that has lots of superpowers that gave some to him to survive. But he comes on board, and makes a mess of everything. He can melt things, change things, and make people disappear for laughing at him. Kirk's his father figure, which Kirk tried to pass off to Bones, and that is a hilarious scene which reminded me of a ST:XI fic in which Kirk tries to be a father figure to Chekov. That fic is infintely better than how this ep turned out.
In fact, that fic is made of absolute win, and is called: How to Avoid Kicking Puppies and Other Valuable Lessons in Leadership
But the kid is ANGRY, so angry, and thwarts everything they throw at him until his protectors come to collect him. Good fucking riddance! He even harasses Yeoman Janice because he loves her, but when she says no, makes her disappear. He's really effing stupid. God.
oh, the redeeming feature of this ep is that Lt. Uhura sings and Spock plays a harp. :D it is awesome, because they sound magnificent. Uhura rocks with that voice. Reminds me of Rachel Luttrel as Teyla in SGA.

Balance of Terror S1 E09
So this was a very interesting episode. It features Romulans!!! Starfleet doesn't know much about them because they've had a sort of peace... with a neutral territory and everything, but the Romulans decide to attack the outposts and Kirk and the crew are the closest to respond. The Romulan commander and Kirk think much alike, but Kirk and the crew outsmart him, and he dies with his ship. Self destructs, more like. I only realized until after Spock explained the whole Romulus and Remus planets they come from that DUH! their culture is modeled after the Romans!! >.<. But the crew gets a glimpse of the Romulans, and notice they look like Spock. It's the first anyone's seen of a Romulan since over a century ago, after all. But the new, shiny Helmsman decides to take deep offense at this cuz of his family history in the war against the Romulans and keeps besmirching Spock's honor. Kirk takes him up on it, but you know how it is... That is, until Spock saves him from death! ha! take that! But Spock throws it in his face more by saying he has no emotions on the subject.
All in all, good ep, except that Yeoman Janice gets too clingy.

Ahh! A good night to watch old trek. I'll continue this log later. And I'm effing tired--it's seven in the goddamn morning! Night!

Oh yes. I forgot to mention... the girls' uniforms are like, friggin ASS short. Literally. I mean, it makes a nice picure when they're walking, but when they get pushed around and the skirt goes up, I'm like: whoa, there. I can't really see anything, but I kinda CAN. But, I DID see one woman with pants, so I'm happy. There's some kind of choice at least.


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