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Fic Recommendation!

Well, I'll just share a very creative fic my sibling passed on to me. And I mean VERY creative. It's pretty damned interesting--it's interactive, YOU get to choose McKay's future. Shall he sleep with John in a the-aliens-made-us-do-it moment? Or does he run away? You pick.

Author: Gloria Mundi viva_gloria
Fandom: SGA
Title: Quantum Superposition: A Practical Exercise
Rating: R
Pairing: Possible McKay/Sheppard... or not

Oh, it's exercise, all right
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That was rather... interesting. I still think John's at least mostly straight, but I doubt you'll listen to my protests. I suppose it doesn't matter (it is fanfiction) and, if he was with another male, it would be Rodney McKay. Right. That's it. Bye.

yes. I completely love the interactiveness. :) which is why it is so... interesting. it gets racy quite fast... hm. but that's why most of fandom makes john the straightest gay guy ever. he's like harry in his obliviousness. rodney, of course, goes for OPPORTUNITY. :)

Yes, of course he does. And I think the Potter boys and John must tie for the straightest gay guys in any fandom anywhere (yes, I'm including my beloved James in that). It's sad, but very amusing.

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